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Saravan Thiru BSc, MSc, MCSP  - Chartered Physiotherapist​

I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1998. I worked in various settings like clinics, hospital, inpatient rehabilitation and community before completing Masters in Physiotherapy in 2005 at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. I started my career within the NHS in 2006 as a senior physiotherapist and have gained extensive experience by working in Neurology outpatients, acute stroke unit, Orthopaedics and Trauma, stroke rehabilitation, Multiple sclerosis clinics, Inpatient rehabilitation, and Early supported discharge stroke/ Community stroke teams. My experience within the field of Neuro rehabilitation has been enriching and unique. I am passionate about Stroke and Neuro rehabilitation and it is rewarding to see the difference I can make in people’s lives with specialist neurological rehabilitation. I am a firm believer that exercise works and the importance of evidence based physiotherapy.​ I follow the principle of delivering safe, high quality care for all the patients. 

My specialities are:

  • Stroke rehabilitation - short & long term support and rehabilitation 

  • Shoulder pain management in Stroke/Neurological conditions

  • Neuro rehabilitation for various long term neurological conditions including Parkinsons, Multiple sclerosis, Motor neurone disease, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Encephalitis, peripheral nerve injuries/neuropathy, polyneuropathies, Brain tumour

  • Spinal rehabilitation - paraplegia, quadriplegia/paresis as a result of spinal cord injuries, tumour, central cord syndrome

I am skilled in doing indepth holistic assessment and provide you with individually tailored therapy sessions aimed at addressing your impairments and thereby improving your walking, balance, posture, upperlimb function, pain management, muscle tone, muscle length, muscle strength and coordination.


I have worked in the musculoskeletal discipline in the private sector, which has helped me understand about the pain management. My musculoskeletal skills include Myofascial release, Deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, Trigger point release, posture advise, joint mobilisation & manipulation. If pain is limiting your movement or function I can apply hands on techniques and advise on specific exercise program for your condition for full recovery.

​I am registered with Health Care Professions Council, a member of Chartered society of Physiotherapy and a member of Association of Chartered Physiotherapists interested in Neurology.​


Please ring 07910253893 if you would like to have an informal chat about your condition or alternatively complete the section below to book an appointment.​


Regain physiotherapy

Alternatives clinic, Burchard Crescent

Shenley Church End

Milton Keynes MK5 6LP

Tel : 07910253893

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